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ValorRPM for Healthcare Professionals

Innovative Tools Designed for Clinicians

Designed with the utmost focus on your veterans' healthcare experience, our user-friendly platforms ensure they can seamlessly and regularly share their health information, while supporting them with disease management programs, health education, medication reminders, and more.

  • Enhanced clinical decision-making
  • Data insights that drive early interventions
  • Support for patients to better manage their conditions
  • Targeted views of individual and population level health status
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Optimize the Patient Experience

Solutions_Review Vitals

Real-Time Vitals

Monitor a wide range of vitals, and customize alerts for risk stratification and intervention identification.

Veteran taking a health survey

Disease Management Protocols

Augment the care you provide with disease management education, symptom surveys, and more.

Care Coordinator reviewing multiple patients on the Valor RPM Clinician Portal

Clinical Monitoring Dashboard

Access veteran's vitals and other health information remotely.

The journey to better healthcare begins here.

Whether you're an experienced Healthcare Professional or someone new to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we're here to support your journey in revolutionizing healthcare.

We can't wait to hear from you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the RPM program?

VA Care Coordinators will evaluate whether veterans can benefit from using the Valor RPM Kit, which seamlessly connects a range of medical devices designed for home use, including Blood Pressure monitors, Glucometers, Scales, and Pulse Oximeters. These cutting-edge devices automatically transmit important health data, such as weight, glucose levels, and blood pressure readings back to the Care Coordinator for convenient online review and potential follow-up.

How can a VA Care Coordinator order ValorRPM for a patient?

A VA Care Coordinator will place an order with Valor Healthcare. Once the order is received, it will be promptly shipped to the patient. User-friendly instructions are provided to get connected and begin taking readings. A dedicated customer service team is always available to address any issues or provide assistance for onboarding.

What are the available device and connectivity options?

The Valor RPM Kits offer a seamless solution that includes a an app for download, as well as Medical Devices (Scale, Blood Pressure, Glucometer, etc.) with built-in wireless (Bluetooth) capabilities to effortlessly transmit data to the VA Care Coordinator for review. These Kits have been thoughtfully designed to make it incredibly easy for you to start sharing your readings with your VA Care Coordinators.

How will veteran patients receive the ValorRPM equipment?

The VA Care Coordinator will select and order the appropriate medical devices for the veteran. Once the kit is assembled, it will be conveniently delivered to the doorstep of the veteran via postal or courier services.

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