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High Tech, High Touch: Elevated Remote Care

Transform veteran patient care with a suite of remote patient monitoring tools for comprehensive care at home. Our cutting-edge solutions were designed to be intuitive and easy to use for both VA clinicians and veterans.

Solutions that Drive Better; Outcomes, Insights, and Engagement

Care Coordinator reviewing multiple patients on the Valor RPM Clinician Portal

Clinical Monitoring Dashboard

The ValorRPM clinical monitoring software provides insights into veteran health status at home. Enhanced insights leads to better informed clinical decision making and more personalized care delivery. Access to vitals and other health information enable care teams to evaluate and prioritize patients, and provide targeted and timely interventions.

Solutions_Review Vitals

Real-Time Vitals

Quality, Bluetooth-connected devices track a wide range of vital parameters. Data seamlessly integrates with the clinical monitoring portal providing real-time updates on your veterans' health status and trends over time. Customizable alerts help ensure timely review and empowers VA clinicians to intervene, when necessary.

Veteran taking a health survey

Disease Management Protocols

Condition specific programs provide tailored support to veterans based on their needs. Education helps veterans understand their medical conditions and surveys allow patients to communicate symptoms. These protocols enable VA clinicians to provide additional support to veterans to help them better self-manage their care.


Versatile Communication Options

The platform includes an array of communication channels, including video, messaging, and phone capabilities. Reach veterans on the channels they prefer. Our versatile communication options ensure every touch point feels personal and convenient.

Exceptional Technical & Customer Support

A woman assists with Customer Support

Customer Support

Friendly staff are prepared to answer patient and clinician questions, and provide a quick resolution to any issues that may arise.

A woman assists with Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support and troubleshooting is managed by skilled staff ready to help.

The journey to better healthcare begins here.

"Whether you're an experienced Healthcare Professional or someone new to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we're here to support your journey in revolutionizing healthcare.

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