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ValorRPM for Veterans & Families

For Veterans

Take Charge of Your Health

Healthcare requires a collaborative approach, with you being the key member of the team. By actively participating in your care, you have the opportunity to enhance your quality of life and prolong your independence.

Using the ValorRPM app brings enhanced value to your health management journey:

  • Learn how to better manage your conditions
  • Conveniently communicate with your care team
  • Experience proactive monitoring - your care team will contact you if they identify changes in your health
  • Use versatile support tools for following treatment plans and medication regimes
A Veteran engages with their VA Care Coordinator on a Remote Call
For Families

Supporting Your Loved Ones

Remote patient monitoring offers convenience and accessibility, allowing your loved ones to be monitored from the comfort of their homes. Virtual care enables a proactive approach to healthcare. The health apps and medical devices empower your loved ones with real-time data, promoting awareness, and providing support that builds the confidence to take accountability for their care.

Contact your VA Primary Care Provider or your VA Care Coordinator to inquire about Remote Patient Monitoring for your loved one.

A Veteran and her Family in a group hug

Extend your Independence

Whether you're an experienced Healthcare Professional or someone new to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we're here to support your journey in revolutionizing healthcare.

We can't wait to hear from you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in remote monitoring for myself or a loved one. Who can I contact to learn more about the service?

Contact your VA Care Coordinator. Your VA Care Coordinator will evaluate whether you (or your loved one) can benefit from using the Valor RPM Kit.

Who is eligible to participate in the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program?

The VA Care Coordinators will evaluate whether veterans can benefit from using the Valor RPM Kit, which seamlessly connects a range of medical devices designed for home use, including Blood Pressure monitors, Glucometers, Scales, and Pulse Oximeters. These cutting-edge devices automatically transmit important health data, such as weight, glucose levels, and blood pressure readings, back to the Care Coordinator for convenient online review and potential follow-up.

I would like to speak with customer support. Who do I contact for help with the ValorRPM app or my devices?

For user manuals and device guides, visit our support center here.

For questions regarding your healthcare plan, how to use your devices, or other technical support, contact your healthcare provider. 

For all other communication, navigate to the Contact Us page to submit a message directly to the ValorRPM team. 

Is there a fee/cost for the ValorRPM remote patient monitoring service?

The Veterans Administration (VA) has partnered with Valor Healthcare to provide innovative solutions for remote patient monitoring and expanded access to healthcare services, regardless of the veteran's location. As a result, veterans can freely utilize the ValorRPM Kits without incurring any fees.

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